Catch-Up Classes in Our Pilot Schools Started

The catch-up classes for the students who have been identified to be at risk as a result of obtaining low points from the readiness level measurement tools and SASAT started.

The catch-up classes, which 30 students attend from each school, will be implemented with a view to supporting the levels of skills of the students in the areas of mathematics, science and reading comprehension.

A total of 32-hour of classes will be provided in science, which consists of 12 hours of physics, 10 hours of chemistry and 10 hours of biology. As for reading comprehension and mathematics, they will also last 32 hours each.

With the catch-up classes, being part of ODAP Integrated Model, it is aimed to prevent early school leaving and increase enrolment rates.

Targeting the students at risk of early school leaving because of low academic achievement, the catch-up classes are provided in line with the ‘Teacher Guides’, which were prepared by the teachers at schools for themselves.