ODAP Brainstorming Meeting

A “Brainstorming Meeting” concerning the desk review and benchmarking study was implemented in Ankara on 28 July 2022. The workshop started with the opening speech of Ms. Emine AKINCI, the Head of Department of Research, Development and Projects of the General Directorate of Secondary Education in the MoNE and continued with the presentations of the technical assistance team concerning the project and content of the meeting.

In the meeting attended by the members of the Operation Coordination Unit, the project technical assistance team, the Ministry of National Education staff and the pilot school representatives, the desk review, benchmarking study, key informant interviews (KII) and the results of the online survey under the title of Scientific and Technical Studies, which is the third intervention area of the project, were examined and evaluated. After this activity, it is expected that the Report on Desk Review, Benchmarking Study, Current Situation and Needs Analysis will be finalised.