Technical Assistance for Increasing Attendance and Enrolment Rates in Secondary Education

About Project

Increasing Attendance and Enrolment Rates in Secondary Education (ODAP) is a technical assistance project funded by the Republic of Türkiye and European Union through the Human Resources Development Operating Structure (HRDOS) The beneficiary of the Project is the Directorate General of Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), and the Contracting Authority is the Department of European Union and Financial Assistance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MoLSS)..

Overall Objective of the Project

The overall objective of this Project is to drive forward educational attainment and skill levels by providing access to all and combating early school leaving/absenteeism.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this Project is to support efforts to increase attendance and enrolment rates in secondary education through development and implementation of a comprehensive prevention, intervention and compensation model.


Intervention I: Institutional Capacity Building, Services and Trainings for Target Groups

It is aimed to develop the services for target groups as well as the capacities of the relevant personnel of the General Directorates of the Ministry of National Education, teachers and school principals.


Intervention II: Awareness Raising

It is aimed to reach a wide audience through awareness raising activities/events.


Intervention III: Scientific and Technical Studies

It is aimed to carry out research studies to improve the capacity of the relevant personnel for evidence-based policy development and its implementation.


Intervention IV: Coordination and Cooperation Mechanisms

It is aimed to enhance the coordination and cooperation among the relevant stakeholders through workshops and seminars.


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