Online Information Seminar on Mentoring Practices

Before starting the implementation of the mentoring services which were activities prepared within the scope of ODAP, an online Mentoring Information Workshop has been organised on 8th February 2024 with the participation of the representatives of ODAP School Team in the 50 pilot schools and the psychological counselling and guidance teachers as well as all other teachers who will carry out the mentoring services at schools.

The information related to the scope of the mentoring activities, which will start in the second semester of the academic year in all the pilot schools, the implementation methodology, the way to fill out the evaluation forms and report has been provided to the workshop participants.

Mentoring activities will be carried out by the subject teachers under the supervision of the psychological counselling and guidance teachers at schools. In order to provide guidance before the implementation, Mentoring Services Teacher Guidelines and Booklet on Sample Activities were prepared and delivered to the schools within the scope of ODAP. The schools were informed that they could also download the documents on the website of ODAP.

It is planned that minimum 30 students will benefit from one-to-one mentoring services and minimum 70 students will benefit from group mentoring by the time of the end of the academic year.