Workshop for Development of a Mentoring Services Teacher Guideline Completed

The workshop for development of a mentoring services teacher guideline to be piloted in 50 schools in 14 provinces within the scope of ODAP was organised in Ankara on 11-14 October 2022.

Members of the Operation Coordination Unit, the personnel of the central organization of the Ministry of National Education and provincial directorates of national education, the teachers of the relevant fields in the pilot schools participated in the workshop. The workshop started with a presentation delivered by the members of the Technical Assistance Team about the objective of the Project and the activity after the opening speech of Ms. Emine Akıncı, the Head of Department of Research, Development and Projects of the General Directorate of Secondary Education in the MoNE.

In the activity, firstly, presentations concerning the main reasons for absenteeism and early school leaving in the pilot provinces of the Project were made.

In the informative sessions of the workshop, information was provided on the methods used for the development of the mentoring services guideline, conceptual framework of mentoring, benefits of these services and Resilience-based Developmental Mentoring (RDM) Model. Following the briefings, the participants reviewed in detail the draft sections of the Resilience-based Developmental Mentoring (RDM) Model to be developed within the scope of the project through group works, and shared their observations and opinions.