The Last Study Visit within The Scope of ODAP Activities Completed in Spain

With this study visit, it was aimed to observe the best practices in Spain, where many interventions and programmes have been conducted for many years in relation to the prevention of early school leaving, school attendance and increasing the enrolment rates. The information obtained during the visit is intended to give inputs into the Integrated Model of Prevention, Intervention, and Compensation as well as Early Warning System, which will be implemented in 50 pilot schools in 14 provinces in Türkiye.

Within the scope of the study visit, the staff of the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of National education visited Eductrade S.A., the consortium leader of the project, the General Subdirectorate for Territorial Cooperation and Educational Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as Tomillo Foundation and exchanged information with the officials there related to the education system, programmes to combat school absenteeism and increase enrolment rates in secondary education in Spain. Moreover, they visited the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha and discussed the structure of the education, activities to combat school absenteeism and early school leaving in these regions. In addition, the study visit delegation paid a visit to the Embassy of Türkiye in Spain as well as 3 schools in Madrid and Toledo.

Information and experience exchanged during the study visits held within the scope of the project to Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain, respectively will contribute to the Integrated Model of Prevention, Intervention, and Compensation and the Early Warning System, which will be designed and implemented under the project.