Executive Training on ODAP Integrated Model Conducted in İstanbul

The Executive Training, which is the first training programme under ODAP within the scope of the Implementation of ODAP Integrated Model, took place in İstanbul between the dates 20th and 21st July 2023.

The Executive Training targeted cohesion, clarity, and process consistency in the implementation of the Integrated Model within the scope of ODAP’s objectives. The participants learned the roles and responsibilities that they would assume during the implementation of ODAP Integrated Model at school as well as the strategic points of the implementation stage.

The opening speech of the training was delivered by Ms. Emine AKINCI, who is the Head of Research, Development and Projects Department in the General Directorate of Secondary Education in the Ministry of National Education. Thereafter, the session continued with the presentations by the TAT on the introduction of the Project.

The managers in the Provincial / District Directorates of National Education in our pilot provinces, staff of the General Directorate of Secondary Education, representatives of stakeholder general directorates, and the Project Technical Assistance Team participated in the training.

The model, which has been developed in order to support the implementation of the prevention, intervention, and compensation measures in the fight against the Early School Leaving (ESL), will lay the foundations of the pilot actions to be taken in the 50 pilot schools in 14 provinces. The pilot implementation period of ODAP Integrated Model will start in 14 pilot provinces of the Project in the 2023 – 2024 school year.