Information Seminar in Şanlıurfa for Children Leaving Formal Education and Their Parents

The third one of the Student and Parent Information Seminar, whose first and second rounds took place in Şırnak and Ankara respectively, was carried out in Şanlıurfa on 10th November within the scope of ODAP with the participation of the students who have left formal education, and their parents.

The seminar, which was organised to inform students and their parents of the reintegration of the school-leaving students back in the education system and to ensure that these students come back to school, started with the introduction of ODAP Integrated Model. During the seminar, the participants were informed of the measures implemented within the scope of ODAP for the prevention of the student absenteeism and early school leaving and learned about the options for youth within the scope of the education system in Türkiye.

In the seminar, where group work activities took place to increase the motivation of the students for school attendance, the parents were informed of the risks that the early school leaving would cause and the importance of the cooperation between school and families were emphasised.

Information Seminars for Children Leaving Formal Education and Their Parents have been planned to be carried out in a total of 5 provinces. After being organised also in Trabzon and İstanbul, all the seminars will have been completed in December.

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